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Geekzonia is a virtual comic-con for pop culture fans. Represented by a one eyed robot, you can meetup and hangout within three different worlds. Geekzonia allows for limitless users from around the world to attend their daily events.

You can use the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or a computer to acces Geekzonia.

Geekzonia is currently in a live, public BETA. To join and explore this virtual platform, visit their website and download the software.

Environments in development


evneEvne currently run the real world student-led conference, LEVEL-UP! where they focus on experience based learning.

Evne focus on helping students develop both their professional and personal skills, such as public speaking.

They are now giving their conferences a virtual twist to help students from all over the world with their skill development. Get to know Evne more by reading about them here in our blog.




Another client who’s world is under development is mixing Virtual Reality with Healthcare.

Dr Libby McGugan has spent her past years within the medical sector and has been inspired by patients who have retrained their brains.

Now, Libby is focusing on helping helping us all ‘Live Inside Out’ through her real world and virtual world seminars, talks and workshops.

We managed to catch five minutes of Libby’s time to discuss her virtual journey, take a read here.