Our Third VRAR Meetup was Another Success!

Our September VRAR Meetup was our third event this year and was another giant success! The atmosphere was great with Virtual and Augmented Reality enthusiasts filling the room with chatter and as always, their stomachs with beer and pizza.

Thank you Digitalnauts!

We want to say a huge thank you to our guest speaker Mark Baxter from Digitalnauts. Mark gave a fantastic talk about how Virtual Reality could benefit training within any industry. After his talk, Mark and his colleagues gave various demos concerning fire safety. One focused on fire training in the office and which fire extinguisher you should use. It was definitely an eye opener as the majority of people failed – thankfully, this was only a virtual experience.

Mark Baxter from Digitalnauts

Out with the Old

Gareth James kindly brought along two Microsoft HoloLens’ for people to try out! As well as several new Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets which allowed our attendees to really grasp how far technology has come between the old and new headsets. We love it when people bring along exciting gadgets, especially the newest ones on the market!

Microsoft’s New HoloLens

Future of VRAR Meetups.

We have big plans for the future VRAR Meetups, which are to be announced on Wednesday this week! Follow us on twitter or on our website to catch the big news.