Immersive storytelling is the next step for brands

Virtual Reality is all about immersion. Throughout the years, digital communications have been going through a transition that has led to consumers wanting more immersive products.

First we had text, whereby the user would have to imagine the scene. Second came images which allowed us to view a scene however you are separate to the scene. Videos were the next step, by watching videos users were able to see and hear the scene but yet, are still separate to it. Finally, we now have virtual reality. This tech allows us to be fully immersed in the scene. Allowing us to see, hear and feel like part of the world.

Brands are leveraging this technology due to the strong emotions immersion can trigger. If then mixed with the marketing concept of storytelling, this is a new way that a brand can connect with their consumer.

Brands are already using this immersive technology

These emotional triggers can also bring behavioural change to the user. The New York Times turned to VR to help gain Generation Z readers with an immersive documentary series. By putting the readers in the documentaries, it allowed them to gain a better understanding of empathy around the situation.

The app was downloaded over half a million times with NYT distributing 1.2 million Google Cardboard sets. The documentaries were watched over 1.3 million times with an average engagement of 6 minutes per session. It went beyond the initial wow factor and unlocked levels of empathy and excitement no other medium could.

Below is a recent video that features on their app, allowing people to understand what is happening in Sudan by feeling like they are physically there.

Connect your consumers with Eventual

All Eventual worlds are massively multiplayer by default. This allows millions of people to meet and hangout in your own branded and customised virtual world. You can design your own world with our Virtual Artists and VR Developers or we can incorporate any 3D model into an environment for you.

Within your platform you can connect with your consumer through a variety of different ways within a world that fully represents your brand. Not only can you connect to just one user but you can have users connect from around the world all at once, which heightens the experience.

If you are interested in what Eventual can build for your brand, please feel free to get in touch today. Or keep up to date with us following our Twitter.