We ventured out of the office for VentureJam!

VentureJam is a free and unique opportunity for the young people of Scotland, delivered by Young Scot and Glasgow City of Science and Innovation. VentureJam is the official youth strand of the national innovation summit, Venturefest Scotland.

The teams are made up of hipsters, hackers and hustlers. The hipster brings the creative design skills. The hacker brings the tech solutions. Then the hustler finds the right way to package it up and take it to the masses! It’s a great way for kids to learn that there’s more than one way to attack a problem and that there is no wrong or right answer when doing so.

The kids were split into teams and were given a challenge to create ways to help the citizens of Scotland reduce their energy consumption. Amy went along to lend her expertise as a ‘maker’ to the kids. We love getting involved in projects that help inspire STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art & design and maths) subjects and thinking.

The results

All eight teams came up with some amazing ideas. One idea was to genetically modify moss so it would glow in the dark and light the Glasgow’s streets. Another was a talking kettle that helped you reduce your waste with both water and energy!



All of the teams had amazing ideas and fantastic pitching skills. Three teams won the competition and they will get to pitch their ideas at VentureFest on the 20th of September. The overall winning team will meet Scotland’s top entrepreneur Chris Van der Kuyl in a 1-2-1 Q&A session and win £500 from Social investment Scotland to help develop their idea further. The kids also received a Raspberry Pi, keyboard and mouse for participating over the weekend (Amy was pretty jealous).

It is amazing to see such a fantastic STEAM based event for the youth of Glasgow. We are involved in a few more events like this for kids in the upcoming months so keep up to date with us on Twitter or sign up to our newsletter.