Shared VR Explained

What is Eventual?

Here at Eventual, we create Bespoke Virtual Reality Event Spaces. This can be anything from a peaceful, idyllic forest or it could be a human brain. However what we really focus on is creating Shared VR experiences.

What is Shared VR?

Shared VR is about sharing your virtual experience with another human who is also in virtual reality. This is the next step in communication mediums. The difference with a conversation in VR compared to a video chat is that when we video chat, we look past the person. We stare into the camera lens or we stare at our self, checking we look okay. By doing this, we lose an emotional connection.

Even though in Virtual Reality you see a computerised avatar, this has been known to cause a stronger emotional connection than when you see a person on video chat. This is due to the simulation of eye contact between avatars. VR is closer to a real life face to face conversation than any other medium that we’ve used for communication in the past.

Virtual Reality allows a person to understand depth, motion, space and scale. Each of these factors help our brain to understand the virtual environment. Thanks to VR technology we can understand something simple like how tall a person is. This is what allows a person to feel comfortable in VR as each of these factors make it easy to understand that there is a human behind a computerised avatar.

So, what do we do?

We create Bespoke VR Event Spaces with a focus around shared VR. We want people to experience virtual environments and to do so with people from around the world.

Creating immersive environments that involve shared VR experiences is just at the surface of what we do. We create virtual spaces for events, education and training within many different industries.

Keep a look out for our future ventures by checking back on our blog. There are many exciting things lined up but we can’t tell you about them just yet…

If you would like to find out more about us, feel free to follow us on Twitter or send us an email at [email protected].