Meet Ryan, our newest VR Developer.

Ryan is a long-time avid gamer, growing up on the likes of Guitar Hero and Metal Gear Solid. After a year touring with a band at age 18, he decided to return to higher education to study audio technology. However, he naturally gravitated towards games. Ryan began to focus on game sound design, but quickly realized how many skills were required to bring a game together. Over his audio technology degree he learned how to program and work in game engines like Unity.

After finishing his first degree, Ryan was fascinated by games and ‘future tech’, because of this he chose to begin a Masters in serious (educational) games and Virtual Reality at Glasgow School of Art’s School of Simulation and Visualisation. Here, Ryan developed brain-computer interfacing solutions. This technology allowed players to control games with their thoughts. In particular he focused on visualising meditation through games and Virtual Reality. Allowing players to relax and control virtual worlds in real-time, with the hope of highlighting mental illness and showing ways individuals can cope.

Ryan presented his findings at Glasgow Universities TEDx event, ‘One Step Further’ with his talk, ‘Thoughtful Technology’. With an interest in pushing his research further, Ryan started an early business idea. He began LUCID (Learning Using Computer Interface Design), from the encouragement surrounding the response to his talk. Ryan received endorsement from Enterprise Campus and reached the final 10 of the Converge Challenge Kickstart competition. While networking in the Glasgow tech scene, Ryan met Eventual and was excited when he was invited to join the team. Now Ryan does his best to apply his Virtual Reality and development skills to building Eventual platforms.

“Everyday is a new challenge and working in a startup is exactly where I want to be with my interest in tech ventures and enterprise. I’m happy to be a member of a great team and working doing a job that is a learning experience, a challenge and extremely rewarding in equal measure. I can’t imagine better people to share Shared VR with.” – Ryan Murdoch.


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