Meet the Team

Eventual is made up of tech geeks, creatives and business moguls.


Peter Dobson, CEO
Peter Dobson is an experienced business owner, software developer and creative. He oversees all aspects of tech development for Eventual. Peter founded the recruitment technology company UK Local Ltd which owns and operates and continues to trade profitably. Other activities include serving as technology consultant to several businesses and investing in startups in the tech and health sectors. Peter has a passion for all things geek, tech & science related. In his spare time, Peter is currently turning his house in to a robot with the latest tech gadgets.



Stephen Walsh, CVI
Stephen is our Chief of Virtual Inspiration. Along with his role at Eventual, Stephen owns a chain of cafes and comic book stores called Geek Retreat. Situated in some of the UK’s big cities, it is considered a haven for geeks. He won the Scottish Edge award in May 2015 for being dedicated to creating world class businesses. Stephen aims to be forever developing his companies to keep them up to date with cutting edge technology to help stay at the forefront of the consumers mind.


David Hastie, COO
David has founded and raised investment for several successful startups in various sectors including Food & Drink, Sportswear and Finance. Responsibilities include working with the CEO and CSO on a weekly basis to ensure day to day operations run smoothly. He also organises and completes all client agreements, all legal documents and presentations at events and exhibitions. He oversees the day-to-day operations of Virtual Revolution Technologies and works with key stakeholders to ensure stable and steady growth. In his spare time, David is a keen racket sports player reaching semi-pro level at tennis in the late 90s. He also enjoys researching the latest developments in quantum physics when not being dribbled on in his most recent role as a dad.


Caoimhe McEntee, Digital Marketing Apprentice
Caoimhe joined Eventual shortly after graduating High School and is working as a Digital Marketing Apprentice. Caoimhe is an avid fan of tech and  is most excited about how Shared VR will revolutionise different industries for years to come.


Ryan Murdoch, VR Developer
Ryan joined Eventual as a VR Developer in August, after graduating from Glasgow School of Art’s School of Simulation and Visualisation. A man of many many talents, Ryan has built a fruitful career in sound design as well as game and VR design. He has a passion for emerging tech, and has even developed his own brain-computer interfacing solution, known as LUCID.


If you are unsure on who the right person for you to get in contact with, send us an email on [email protected].