Have you thought about showing properties within virtual reality (VR)?

If you havent, you should! Just about every smartphone released in the last two years is VR enabled. By next year there will be over two billion VR enabled smartphones worldwide. Headsets can be picked up from supermarkets from as little as £5. It’s time to future proof your organisation, and what’s more remove all risk from taking the leap into Virtual Reality!

Please click on the icons below to download our demo app to your phone: 

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Buttons are gaze activated (the white dot represents your gaze, hold this over images to activate them) 
Home – returns to main menu
Left arrow – view previous room
3 people – launch a multiplayer session, or join one if already exists for current property
Right arrow – view next room
X – quit application
In multiplayer mode mic is activated by holding button on cardboard headset, release to mute mic
We’d recommend sitting in a swivel chair or standing in order to completely look around each room.
  • The VR Property App is powered by the Eventual platform, which is developed to allow VR to be social or multi-user, so people can see, chat and interact with one another inside a virtual environment. It really adds a wow factor and is perfect for marketing & property viewings.

We already work with  established estate agents in creating 360 images to create virtual properties that allow tours and showings to be carried out from any location in the world with multiple people.

For example, if you had a property to sell in the north of Scotland and an interested buyer in London, before arranging all the logistics of a live visit, you give a virtual tour through your own branded app. If they like it, they arrange to visit in person, if they don’t, they move onto the next property. In this way lots of properties can be viewed with maximum convenience.

The buyer can also use this app to show friends and family the property and get feedback from the key people in their life, or invite people to join themselves and the agent for the virtual property showing.

Key features:

  • Convenience – don’t need to leave home or office to view or give tour
  • The ability to show key influencer’s around a property such as family and friends of a potential buyer
  • Have multiple people from any location in a property at one time
  • Realistic sense of scale compared to 2D images on website or brochures

VR is on the same exponential growth curve as the internet was 20 years ago and smart phones were 10 years ago, you’ll be on trend while future proofing your organisation

The best bit about all of this ? We don’t charge you a penny for this service and instead do it on a partnership basis. Meaning if you have sellers wishing to take this option then its clear profit for your organisation !

No set up fee, pay as you go !

Suggested pricing:

Currently other agencies are selling it like a brochure, usually for around £200 – £250 to the property sellers, but some sell it for more. We would take a flat £75 per property uploaded, meaning the remainder is for yourself.


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