Fashion is Electrifying the V-Commerce Scene

With the birth of Social Virtual Reality (VR) platforms, which allow thousands of people to socialise and interact within the same shared VR space, it seems the digital retail landscape will be changing once more.

Image of model wearing a VR headset
Topshop Featured a Virtual Reality Fashion Show in London.

Virtual Reality is Only Going Up.

The VR market is predicted to exceed $30 billion US Dollars by 2023, which is no surprise considering the investment big brands are making from around the world. Ranging from automotive to the travel industry, there has been no end with the creative uses for Virtual and Augmented technologies for enticing and engaging consumers. The fashion industry has already seen some of their largest players advancing ahead of their competitors through the use of VR.

High-end Fashion meets VR.

Large brands such as cosmetics group Charlotte Tilbury, launched their debut fragrance through an immersive experience within VR by using a film starring Kate Moss. Within the year since it’s release, it has reached fifty thousand views on Youtube. American fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger has also invested in in-store VR fashion shows to tempt consumers into stores rather than just shopping online.

Image of a model wearing a virtual Reality headset

We’re Giving Fashion an Upgrade.

We are taking this one step further by creating virtual retail spaces with elements of Social VR. Users will be able to watch live catwalk shows from the comfort of their own home with the ability to purchase any items they like instantly whilst watching the show.

Peter Dobson, CEO of Eventual has said, “It is a really exciting time for brands right now as they can fully connect with their consumer whilst portraying their brand personality to its full.”

Image of avatars shopping in a clothes shop
Online Shopping Has Never Been Easier Thanks to SocialVR!

What we Can Do.

Our bespoke platforms also offer some of the world’s first ever VR based retail jobs where a real life shop attendant, represented by an avatar, can help guide the consumer around the store displays and assist with purchasing. Fashion retailers can incorporate their brand style just like real world shops when designing their virtual platform. This also allows an easy way for brands to test out new branding or visual merchandising.

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