It’s time to introduce you to evne.


Several months ago in an office based in the South of Glasgow, Evne and Eventual crossed paths. There were sparks from the beginning and thankfully, they weren’t from the headset.

Christina, one of the three brains behind Evne, ventured over to our desk and picked up the HTC Vive. Transported to another world, Christina was instantly immersed. Little did we know, this was the beginning of the Evne and Eventual collaboration.

But wait, who is evne?

Christina and Melissa studied Biomedical Sciences at the University of Aberdeen. During their studies, they both discovered that a career in the lab would not necessarily suit them. They had natural strengths within other areas. Christina found she was a natural at networking. Melissa discovered that project management suited her better – with people rather than cells though.

To solve this, they decided to channel their strengths into a side-project. This saw the beginnings of the student-led conference, LEVEL-UP! After graduating, they joined forces with their friend Giancarlo. He is currently studying at Bournemouth University and together they have set up their company, “evne”.

Christina, Melissa and Giancarlo pride themselves in helping students develop their personal and professional skills. And now, they’ve added a virtual twist.

public speaking

It all starts with a virtual brick.

With great feedback from their real-world events, the Evne team are excited to incorporate experience based learning into their programme through the use of virtual reality.

The past few weeks have seen the beginnings of Evne’s virtual world. We’ve had a great time designing their environment and it’s fair to say, Evne’s energy is definitely infectious! Also, their imagination knows no bounds – which makes our job so much more fun!

The next stage on our journey together is the most exciting part! With Evne’s virtual blueprints finalised, building is now officially underway for their virtual world.

Stay up to date with the progress on Evne’s virtual world by checking back here. Or you can follow us on Twitter. Don’t forget to check out Evne’s website for upcoming real-world events!

L-R, Christina, Dave, Stephen, Peter & Melissa

EDGE 10 was a success all round!

Well done to all the Young Edge, Wildcards and EDGE winners on Thursday! We had a great day listening to all of the interesting pitches and meeting you all at our exhibit.

With a whopping £1.24 million awarded to some of Scotland’s most promising start-ups, it was definitely an emotional day! We’d also like to give a special congratulations to our fellow Entrepreneurial Spark friends. They certainly made an impact on Thursday!

The judging panel alone was very impressive. Consisting of Brewdog’s Co-Founder James Watt and the Chairman of ASOS, Brian McBride. However, we can’t forget the amazing Jennifer Nicol, Lynn Candenhead and Michael Crow who completed the panel. Also, the impressive hosting skills by Mel Sherwood were certainly too good not to mention.


We even managed to get up on the EDGE stage!

With a company made up of three EDGE winners, it was pretty hard to keep these guys off of the EDGE stage…

We thoroughly enjoyed sharing exactly what Eventual does – Shared VR. Getting the message out about Shared VR and Social VR is one of our main priorities over the next few months. We believe VR is the next step in communication tools and we want that technology to be accessible to everyone.

We were joined on stage by Simon, pictured above, who was an eager-eyed audience member. You could say he popped his VR-cherry with us…


Until next time EDGE! 

Find us on Twitter at @EventualVR for more updates



We’re off to Edge!

Why are we going to Edge, you ask? Well, Edge has a lot to do with where we are today as a business. The Scottish funding competition encourages and supports Scotland’s expanding base of entrepreneurial activity.

One year can make a big difference

In June 2016, a little idea became a reality. At TEDx Glasgow Stephen and Peter met Martin McDonnell, owner of Soluis – a design visualisation studio. They got talking about a haven for geeks unencumbered by the dull limits of the physical world which was a spin of Stephens business, Geek Retreat.

This has now developed into Eventual. We want to encourage the use of Shared Virtual Reality experiences and environments within other industries, not just for geeks.

Stephen, our Founder, is a previous Edge winner. He won £30,000 in 2016 with Geek Retreat, a comic book store and cafe. David Hastie, our COO is also a winner. His company Nutrifiz won £40,000 in 2015 to help take the worlds first effervescent wheatgrass tablet in to the main stream market.

Also Soluis, our partners, have also won Edge! They won £100,000 back in 2015 for their VR Dome Experience project.

So, we’re really big supporters of Edge because we’ve experienced the benefits of what it can do for businesses in Scotland.

Come say hello at Edge 2017

We’ll be demoing throughout the day at this years Scottish Edge to help spread the word of Shared VR. At 6pm, you can watch David do a live demonstration on the main stage! So pop by and say hello! Or stay in contact with us by following us on Twitter.

And of course, good luck to this years pitchers! 

Shared VR Explained

Steve and Pete

What is Eventual?

Here at Eventual, we create Bespoke Virtual Reality Event Spaces. This can be anything from a peaceful, idyllic forest or it could be a human brain. However what we really focus on is creating Shared VR experiences.

What is Shared VR?

Shared VR is about sharing your virtual experience with another human who is also in virtual reality. This is the next step in communication mediums. The difference with a conversation in VR compared to a video chat is that when we video chat, we look past the person. We stare into the camera lens or we stare at our self, checking we look okay. By doing this, we lose an emotional connection.

Even though in Virtual Reality you see a computerised avatar, this has been known to cause a stronger emotional connection than when you see a person on video chat. This is due to the simulation of eye contact between avatars. VR is closer to a real life face to face conversation than any other medium that we’ve used for communication in the past.

Virtual Reality allows a person to understand depth, motion, space and scale. Each of these factors help our brain to understand the virtual environment. Thanks to VR technology we can understand something simple like how tall a person is. This is what allows a person to feel comfortable in VR as each of these factors make it easy to understand that there is a human behind a computerised avatar.

So, what do we do?

We create Bespoke VR Event Spaces with a focus around shared VR. We want people to experience virtual environments and to do so with people from around the world.

Creating immersive environments that involve shared VR experiences is just at the surface of what we do. We create virtual spaces for events, education and training within many different industries.

Keep a look out for our future ventures by checking back on our blog. There are many exciting things lined up but we can’t tell you about them just yet…

If you would like to find out more about us, feel free to follow us on Twitter or send us an email at [email protected].